Bank of America
Nation's #1 financial services institution

Mortgage Network QuickLEARN™
(Secure Extranet)

Winner Gold Award
Brandon Hall Excellence
in E-Learning


Multimedia E-Learning Application
Developed 1st-ever online learning program for Bank of America’s online loan origination software, Mortgage Network QuickLEARN™ (MNQL) – a secure, proprietary online application for external wholesale mortgage broker customers and internal broker employees. The application employs audio, SFX, voiceover, copy, graphic design in a Flash-based program with a database backend that also features an administrative area for bank executives.

MNQL doubles as an accreditation course for Bank of America mortgage brokers. It offers comprehensive tracking, and integration with the Bank’s centralized assessment system. Just released overhaul of system to reflect new release of the Bank’s application. Provide hosting for the system.

• 83% of all wholesale mortgage brokers who work for Bank of America have completed the online learning program as part of bank certification.

• Over 7,700 Bank of America clients have utilized the e-learning tool in two years.

• Won a 2003 Brandon Hall Excellence In Learning award for Custom Content.




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